An Overview of Sailing Competitions

A lot of people enjoy sailing just for the pure fun of it. Then there are others who take it more seriously and want to be competitive. Fortunately, Canada provides plenty of opportunities for this. The following are just a few examples of the types of competitions that can be enjoyed by sailing enthusiasts as well as spectators of this sport.

6 Metre World Cup

This is a sailing regatta that takes place biennially. It is an international event. The first event dates all the way back to 1973 when it was hosted by Seattle. The Swedish sailors are the prominent winners of this regatta. To date, Canada has held two titles for this event. In 2017 Phillippe Dur was a medalist.

Sail Canada Championships

Competitions for sailing are readily available on a smaller scale. Sail Canada is very proactive in arranging sail Canada Championships in different divisions such as:

  • Youth Championships

This is run as an annual event. There are different classes for the competitors. It is hosted in different locations on a rotational basis, covering East, Central and West territories.

  • Regional Championships

The two classes open for competition in the regional championships are U17 and open age Regional National Champions. These too are annual events that rotate among the three regions.

  • Women’s Keelboat Championships

This event is open to competitors across the country and is an annual event.

Other Sailing Competitions

There are various forms of sailing, and the Ontario racing supports many events in this area. These include:

  • Dinghy events
  • Keel Events
  • Able Sail events
  • Catamaran events
  • Windsurfing events

Preparing for Competitions

Many of the competitions require participants to qualify. There are local events that can help prepare sailors for this. These are fun competitions that include racing but ensure that the environment in which they are being conducted is a calm and safe one. Some of the racing events that fit into this category are:

  • Patos Island Race

This is a race that takes place off Vancouver Island in the spring. It is a triple crown event. Those that are entering into this racing event on a competitive level must be prepared for some challenges.

  • Round Bowen Race

This race is heading into its 31st year. It is a popular competition with about one hundred boats participating. Sailors have to be prepared to deal with the wind shadows and be able to master the eddies.

  • Vanisle 360

This is not just a one day race but encompasses fourteen days. It has been dubbed as the wildest challenge for Canada’s west coast.

These examples of competitions that exist in the sailing sport in Canada are but a few of the type of events that await avid sailors who want to take advantage of what Canada has to offer. Whether it be for relaxation or competition, there is something for everyone.