Best Places to Sail in Canada

When people outside of Canada think about this country, their thoughts often go to the Canadian winters. Still, this is a country that has something to offer in all seasons. One of these is the ability to go sailing. There are some amazing locations throughout the country that provide great sailing adventures.

The 1000 Islands

This is a place in Canada that is well known as being a great place to enjoy many activities throughout the entire year. For those who enjoy sailing, they have the option of enjoying the waters here for a day’s event. If they wish to make a stopover, there are plenty of different types of lodgings to accommodate them. In total, the 1000 Islands is made up of 1,864 small islands.

The body of water that provides prime sailing excursions is the 50 miles of St. Lawrence River. Along the way, sailors can take a break by going to the shore with a choice of enjoying the beaches that dot this waterway or perhaps docking and enjoying what the local vicinity has to offer.

Prince Edward Island

This is a part of Canada that is a favourite location for many visitors and Canadians alike. It provides the perfect sailing atmosphere for sailing not only because of the body of water that permits this but because of what nature has to offer here. The views that are present when sailing along the island’s perimeters are absolutely breathtaking.

Then there are plenty of places to dock and enjoy the wonderful cuisine that is offered by some of the finest restaurants. For those who enjoy the bounty of the water, they will want to try the lobster prepared by some of the finest chefs in the country.

Georgian Bay

With a body of water like that which is found at Georgian Bay, there is no reason to seek out oceans for great sailing. The freshwater bay is located just off Lake Huron. What makes this such a great sailing location is that it can provide a simple adventure for the beginner. There are times when it can offer up challenges for the more advanced sailors as well. There are plenty of quaint towns ready and willing able to meet the needs of those sailors who are ready to leave the waters for the night.

Howe Sound

For those who are in British Columbia they too will find some great sailing opportunities situated off the coast. Again this is a prime location for sailors who possess various levels of skill. Not only are the waters most pleasurable to deal with but the scenery is also fabulous. Mount Baker and the Olympic Mountains are just two of the scenic highlights.