Looking at Sailing Schools in Canada

Not only is Canada a great place to enjoy some top-notch sailing, but it is also a place where one can learn how to sail. There are several sailing schools to choose from that are found in various provinces throughout the country.

Making Your Choice

For those that are new to sailing, they may not realize there are different versions of this water sport. There is dingy sailing as well as keelboat sailing. The first step before even choosing a sailing school is to determine which of these one wants to learn about. Some schools offer training in both.

Sailing Programs

There are various programs that make up a curriculum for learning how to sail. Some of the more well-known options are as follows:

  • Sail Canada: In Ontario, this is the curriculum that is the most commonly used for teaching sailing. It is recognized on an international level.
  • American Sailing Association: Us Sailing: These are both organizations from the US that also provide a sailing curriculum that is used in some of the sailing schools in Ontario.
  • Royal Yachting Association: Schools that are using this program are using the one that is equivalent to that which is taught in the United Kingdom.
  • International Yacht Training: This is a program that has been developed in British Columbia.
  • NauticEd: For those who want to gain part of their sailing online, there is an opportunity to do this. The practical segment of sailing can be learned in this fashion.

Training Centers

Any province that is recognized for its sailing opportunities will usually have some sailing schools or training centers where clubs can utilize what they have to offer.


In Ontario there are several training centers and facilities which include:

  • National Training Center
  • The Provincial Training Centers
  • Development Training Centers
  • Training Facilities

The majority of schools and training establishments are members of Sail Canada In Ontario, some of the schools that offer sailing programs are:

  • 8Fanthom Sailing
  • All Winds

In several of the other provinces there are also several recognized sailing schools, such as:

  • Armdale Yacht Club in Nova Scotia
  • Beaconsfield Yacht Club in Quebec
  • Bedford Basin Yacht Club in Nova Scotia
  • Bewley Sailing School in British Columbia

Many of these schools have access to some great waterways that offer some exceptional sailing challenges. Which is perfect for those who are in training.

When choosing a sailing school, it is wise to determine which program they are offering and if it suits your needs.

For less formal training some of the local clubs may offer short programs and training. At the very least it is important that everyone learns the safety rules of sailing. There may be some opportunities to take some programs for this online.